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01. Boxes
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Boxes Aluminium in cardboard boxes Aluminium Boxes in Wooden Box
Boxes Aluminium
GS 1956 Boxes Aluminium in cardboard  boxes 33 x 14mm (12 Pcs)
GS 1957 Boxes Aluminium in cardboard  boxes 22 x 18mm (12Pcs)
Aluminium Boxes in Wooden Box
GS 1958 Boxes wooden with 36 aluminium boxes of  22 x 18mm
GS 1959 Boxes wooden with 24 aluminium boxes of  22 x 18mm
GS 1960 Boxes wooden with 18 aluminium boxes of  46 x 24mm
Plastic Revolving Container Plastic container 5 compartments
Plastic Revolving Container
GS 1962 Plastic Revolving Container Small With 12 Compartments  
GS 1963 Plastic Revolving Container Large With 20 Compartments 
Plastic container 5 compartments
GS 1964 Plastic container 5 compartments
Box For Complete Balances
Boxes For Complete Balance
Box For Complete Balances
GS 1965 Box of storing 50 complete balances
Plastic Box Square
GS 1967 Boxes empty for complete balance (individual packing) - (pkt of 100 pcs.)
Plastic Box Plastic Tool Box Empty
Plastic Box
GS 1968 Boxes plastic for coils / Tubes - (pkt of 100 pcs)
Plastic Box
GS 1969 Plastic tool box empty
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